Many thanks to everyone who played their part in our presentation of The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci by adopting an instrument in the orchestra. We’ll present the regional premiere of this spectacular work composed by Jocelyn Hagen on Saturday, March 4 at 7:30 pm in the University of West Florida’s Center for Fine and Performing Arts. You can read more about the piece (and see samples of the video) here:

The music lovers who ensured the success of our campaign — and made some instruments very happy are (in random order):

• Bassoon (Gwynedd Chadwick and Cedric Feinstein  • Cello (R. Vance Blakely) • Flute (Erin Moline) • Clarinet (Charlie Smoke and Jerry Shannon) • Oboe (A Friend) • Double Bass (Barbara Lewis) • Viola (Vicki Gordziel and Louise Hawley) • Horn (Carla Thomas) • Percussion 1 (Jennifer and Mike Adkins) • Violin 2 (Laurie Robertson) • Violin 1 (Pam Davey, Tatyana Vlasova and Darnell Jackson, and Angela Price) • Piano (Sarah Brown, Tatyana Vlasova and Darnell Jackson, and Angela Price) • Harp (Wilco and Mary West, Rosemary Beach Foundation, and Winky Dowdle) • Percussion 2 (Joan Hedrich Wooten)