Membership in the Choral Society of Pensacola is open by audition to everyone age 16 and older regardless of race, ethnic origin, national origin, gender, gender expression/ identity, sexual orientation, religion/creed, marital status or military status. A singer with physical disabilities which do not prevent the singer from producing good vocal sounds will be assisted in every way practical.

Full membership is granted to applicants who successfully pass their auditions and requires a commitment to rehearsing and performing the entire concert season, which runs from mid-August until May. Full membership renews automatically, although the Artistic Director reserves the right to deny membership to anyone on artistic grounds and/or to require re-auditions of any or all members.


Regular auditions are conducted in early August and early January, but individual auditions can be scheduled all year round by calling the Artistic Director. Applicants must demonstrate an adequate vocal sound and technique, as well as an adequate “musical ear,” a basic knowledge of musical notation, and the ability to sight-sing a simple melody.


Dues are $35 per semester. When a married couple sings in the Choral Society, dues for one spouse will be waived.

Extraordinary financial situations can be addressed by submitting a brief, confidential letter to the Artistic Director. Any college student currently enrolled in a collegiate vocal ensemble or studying voice privately will receive a dues waiver.


Members must purchase their own music at the beginning of each new semester. A limited number of scores will be available for loan to members who have limited financial situations.


Rehearsals take place Mondays at 7 PM (mid-August through early December, mid-January through May) in the band room of the Ashmore Fine Arts Building (Building 8) on the Pensacola State College campus (1000 College Blvd.)

Choral Society is grateful for the support of our sponsors